Chicken Cheese Roll Recipe


Chicken Cheese Roll Recipe

Chicken Cheese Roll Recipe


Chicken breast Two hundred grams

salt As per your choice

Ginger garlic A tablespoon

Cheddar Cheese A hundred grams

Onion A double number

Chopped black pepper. Half a teaspoon

Mustard paste Half a teaspoon

Vinegar Two teaspoons

Chili mother-in-law Two teaspoons

Soya sauce Two teaspoons

Celery Half a teaspoon

Green chillies Three to four

Green coriander.............. A half knot

Double slices of bread. Three numbers

The eggs Two numbers

Double bread sawdust. As required

Maida Two tablespoons

Corn flour Two tablespoons

oil As required


Put a tablespoon of oil in a pan, add ginger and garlic and fry for one to two minutes on medium heat - then add the cleaned chicken pieces and cover it and cook on low heat - when the chicken is done When your water dries up, add salt, vinegar, soy sauce and chili sauce and cook for one to two minutes and remove from the stove. Put and press.Remove the mixture from the chopper and add the black pepper, celery, mustard paste and a beaten egg and mix well - cut the thing like a stick and keep a small portion of the chicken mixture in your hand and in between Make a roll by placing a cheese stick in it - Beat the egg and mix flour and cornflour in it.


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